My goal with photography is to capture memories, emotions & art for people to forever hold onto. 

I grew up in Farmington Hills, MI but now I find myself in Grand Rapids, MI. I moved to Grand Rapids after high school to attend Grand Valley State University. My passions in college were my supply chain management degree, my position on the GVSU Varsity lacrosse team, and photography. I began photography in my spare time when I wasn't studying or playing lacrosse. It was a way for me to capture college days, so the memories would never fade. I soon realized I loved to capture memories for others as well. 

If I'm not taking pictures, you can find me in the gym, drinking wine or trying a new brewery. I'm also found wandering around in malls where I often spend too much time. Alongside photography, a new goal of mine is to start a fashion blog so I can use my photography skills + share my love for clothes with others. 

I spend a lot of free time drinking coffee, trying to make people laugh and traveling the world because those are 3 things I love most. 

INSTAGRAM: @Aldawg__  and  @adixonphotography